Finding the best contractor

Making the decision to start a home renovation project or move althogether and start fresh with a new home can be very difficult.  Ultimately, the final decision often rests on a number of factors, all of which should be considered before making the choice. These factors can include the desirability of the neighborhood you are presently living in, the quality of schools at your current location (if you have or are planning to have children) and the types of home modifications your municipality will allow.  If, after these considerations, you choose to proceed with a renovation strategy, it’s often quite beneficial to consult with a renovation consultant or home contractor who you can work with you and efficiently plan for what renovations will work best for your situation, in what order should the work be done and how best to control costs all along the way.

Some of the questions you’ll likely ask yourself as you’re crafting a renovation strategy depend on what you want to use the house for now, and then looking 5 to 10 years into the future.  Are children in your lives or on the horizon?  Are there special needs to consider as you age?  Does the layout of your home presently suit your needs?  In what ways are you happy with the layout?  In what ways does the flow of the house suffer at the present time?  If you could improve one room only, what room would that be and why?  These kinds of questions will get you started on the path to discerning what are wishes vs what are needs from the renovation process.  An experienced home contractor can help guide you to the answers to these questions quite readily, as many people have common needs at various points in their lives, and can foresee what will work and won’t work with the current space you have.  In fact, the creativity built over years of time can often cut through the process with a solution that resolves many issues with one major change, rather than 5 smaller ones.

Another important consideration going into the renovation process are your neighbours.  If you are on good terms with them, maintaining those relationships is key, and you will want to ask any potential home contractor what their plans are to minimize neighborhood disruption for all involved.  Because when you’re renovating, the neighborhood is involved whether you or they are happy about that or not!  Having sub-standard help that blasts music to the street while working is an aggravation you can do without and your neighbours will be grateful for it.  Small considerations like this are what sets quality contractors apart from others.

Finally, many people cannot or choose not to relocate while home renovation is ongoing, and an experienced home contractor can make the difference in how livable your space becomes or ceases to be.  Ask any prospective home renovation specialist for the process they undertake in order to ensure portions of the house remain livable while the work is underway.  Be sure to be clear up front if there are portions of time where it will best for you and or your family to live elsewhere for a short time while a major part of the plan is being completed. Children in particular can be very sensitive to disruptions of routine and it may prove important to consider alternative arrangements especially during exams or other busy times in school.  A professional will always keep you informed of these issues well ahead of time and will help minimize the stress of any inevitable reno challenges.

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