We have a Bobcat!

Yes, our small but powerful mini-excavator is awesome.  This E26 model can get into tight places, between closely built houses and through backyard gates  —  all we need is 5 feet of clearance in width!  Also, the top can come off if we need to get into places with low overhang (I call this our convertible version).  Don’t let the “mini” fool you  —  this hydraulic system can often outperform larger tractor loader backhoes.  Our Bobcat has the digging claw as well as the special “thumb” feature, which allows us to pick up and move heavy, awkward items.  This is particularly handy when landscaping with stone and creating beautiful rock gardens or pathways.  We can dig trenches, post holes for fences, and ditches for culverts.  The claw can dig down to 8 feet in depth if necessary, and lift almost 2000 lbs.  It has minimal tail swing (which means it can move and spin around easily, without bumping into stuff, which is kind of important!)  And the backfill blade can be used for grading, leveling, and dozing.

Please see the photos of our latest project, conducted over the first week of May.  Our task was to waterproof the basement foundation of a house.  Look at how precisely we can dig up the ground.  John’s expertise will guarantee safety and minimize mess and excess dirt being thrown all over your yard.

Why wait for your contractor to find a subcontractor, or put yourself through the huge expense of renting one of these units and putting an inexperienced individual behind the controls?   Whether you need this precise type of excavation, or you have a piece of raw land that needs to be cleared, Iron Oak can do the job.  Let Johnny show you what he can do!

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